Bacon Flavored Everything

Can’t resist the charming allure of “baconated” products? Here’s a handful which you’re sure to enjoy, start with delicious bacon balm:

Bacon Balm
Mmmmmm lip-smacking bacon enjoyment.

Do you like bacon? Do you link hot chocolate? Why not enjoy both with The Duke’s bacon hot chocolate. “A real man’s drink”

John Wayne Bacon Hot Chocolate Mix
A real man’s drink!


Feeling a bit parched? Quench your thirst with selection of bacon flavored high calorie soda drinks.

Bacon Soda
Delicious bubbly bacon soda

After enjoying more bacon, why not brush your teeth with delicious bacon flavored toothpaste?

Bacon Flavored Toothpaste
Bacon Flavored Toothpaste

Or remove those pesky bacon chunks using bacon floss?

Bacon Floss
Leaves your mouth bacon fresh!

How about stinking up your car with an artificial bacon smell?

Bacon Air Freshener
Dangle bacon in your car.

Can’t decide? Why not get a Bacon Bonanza Sampler Gift Pack for that special someone.

Bacon Bonanza Sampler Gift Pack
So much bacon goodness is one pack!