Some of the Most Bizarre Trump Products For Sale

Why not enjoy the inane ramblings of Donald Trump every time you grab a handful of toilet paper squares?

Donald Trump Toilet Roll Talker

Grow a wholesome chia plant on a ceramic Trump bust….


“Tremendous bushy green hair folks”

Feeling lonely? Why not buy a life-size Trump cardboard cut out for that really creepy middle aged man with a false tan vibe.

Donald Trump - Advanced Graphics Life Size Cardboard Standup

Trump Steaks!!! The man himself selling his favorite cuts of beef.

Why not do some free advertising for The Donald and get yourself a Trump Steaks t shirt?

Trump Steaks T Shirt
“Believe me- I understand steaks, it’s my favorite food!”

How about a genuine nine inch MAGA Trump blade?


Trump Blade
“This knife is terrific for threatening people folks.”

Why not let The Donald give you a nice kiss on the bottom for your next trip to the bathroom?

American Art Classics - Donald Trump Toilet Pape
“There’s never been better toilet paper”

There’s this Trump Coloring book available if you feel like a suitably childish activity to keep you busy.

The Trump Coloring Book
“No one colors in like I do. I’m the best at it, everyone knows that.”

Or for a really big laugh, you could try reading the Trump classic “The Art of The Deal”

Trump: The Art of the Deal
“My favorite book.”